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• Four-button design for easy operation

• Combination of humidity and temperature measurements, with LCD to show moisture content in wood 

• Data hold: press the HOLD key to lock the measured values

• LED display

• Turns off automatically if without operation for 15 seconds

• Battery: 9V Zinc-carbon battery

Moisture measurement Range wood material: 6~42% building material: 0.2~2%
Temperature measurement Range 0~40°C or 32~99°F
Resolution wood material: 1% building material: 0.1% temperature:1°C/2°F
Accuracy wood material: <30%: ±2%; 30%: ±4% building material:<1.4%: ±0.1%; ≥1.4%: ±0.2% temperature: not specified
Battery 9V Zinc-carbon battery
Operation environment temperature: 0~40°C relative humidity: < 85%
Storage environment temperature: -10~50°C relative humidity: < 85%
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