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Prexiso XL2

Cross Line Laser

The Prexiso XL2 Cross Line Laser can be used wherever accurate verticals and horizontals are required for alignment. Water-level and line drawing on walls become redundant.

It is not necessary to align the device tediously to obtain horizontal or vertical lines. The Prexiso XL2 compensates over a range of ± 5° automatically.

Perfect along the line
Whether horizontal, vertical or crossed – the red lines are a reliable reference to align everything in your room.

Easy to use
The Prexiso XL2 is intuitive to operate due to one button only.

Lock for projecting at any angle and transport protection.

Easier, faster and better:

  • Laying tiles, carpets or other flooring
  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Installing kitchens
  • Building-up dry walls
  • Installing ceilings
  • Levelling or aligning any other structural elements or objects


Functionalities 1 horizontal line plus
1 vertical line
Accuracy ± 2 mm/5 m
Working range 10 m
Sensitivity range self-levelling ± 5°
Fan angels of horizontal
and vertical directions
greater than 130°
Battery 3 AA size batteries
Working hours more than 16 hours
(both lines on)
Working temperature
14°F to 104°F
(–10°C to +40°C)
Storage temperature
–4°F to 158°F
(–20°C to +70°C)
Laser classification Class 2 laser
Dimensions 109 × 63 × 87 mm
Weight 298 g (excluding batteries)