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Prexiso P80

Functional and ergonomic laser precision!

Make life easy: With the Prexiso P80 you can measure any distance quickly and efficiently. This handy laser measuring instrument is the ideal tool for all your distance measurements. With one press of a button you can take measurements in seconds without assistance – but with laser precision: Measure like the professionals!

Ergonomic housing
Lays perfect in your hand!

At the press of a button
With the Prexiso P80 every distance measurement is child’s play!

Functions included
Addition, subtraction, area and volume calculation, two different Pythagoras functions or select other units of measurement: It’s all there!

Automatic detected end-piece
When measuring from corners and edges, the position of the bracket is automatically detected.

Measuring results forgotten? No problem.
The last 10 results are stored.

Laser technology inside
Measure like a professional with laser-precision, e.g. even in cluttered surroundings!

Clear illuminated display
The intermediate and final results are shown in the 3-line display

Measure like a professional
Range up to 80 m
Typ. accuracy ± 1.5 mm

Your advantages:

  • Measures where a measuring tape or metre stick cannot reach.
  • Do away with measuring errors, inaccurate estimates and awkward measurements!
  • Calculate areas, capture room sizes and measure distances in seconds.
  • Stores and recalls the last 10 results.

Technical data

Range 0.05 to 80 m
Measuring accuracy typ. ± 1.5 mm
Dimensions 117 x 57 x 32 mm
Battery durability up to 3000 measurements
Battery type AAA 2 x 1.5 V
Weight (without batteries) 105 g