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Prexiso iC4

Turn your iPhone into a laser distance meter and SIMPLY MEASURE!

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The Prexiso iC4 is the world's first iPhone connector that allows you to measure distances accurately using the latest Swiss laser technology.
This innovative product was designed for iPhone 4/4S users who want to simply measure distances. With the Prexiso iC4 and the free Prexiso App you receive laser precision in a convenient iPhone solution. Impress your family, friends or clients by using the Prexiso iC4 for any tasks where measurements are required:

  • Calculating distances and surfaces of floors, walls and ceilings
  • Measuring dimensions of furniture, curtains, carpets etc.
  • Identifying how much paint and wallpaper is required in a room
  • Moving or setting up a new home
  • Planning the interior design
  • Measuring heights of your children
  • And many others…

The Prexiso iC4 laser distance meter connector offers numerous advantages compared to the traditional measuring methods.

The Prexiso iC4 offers you an iPhone compatible professional laser measuring solution.

The Prexiso iC4 helps you avoid inaccurate estimates and measuring failures.

Saves your time
It takes a second to connect the Prexiso iC4 to the iPhone and less than a second to make a measurement by touching your iPhone’s screen.

Innovative and cool
The Prexiso iC4 is a unique iPhone accessory that offers the latest Swiss laser technology for measuring tasks. It’s not a laser pointer of just a measuring iPhone app – it’s a real product innovation.

Prexiso iC4 information
Compatibility iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
Range 0.1 – 20 meters
(3.9 in - 66 feet)
Accuracy ± 3 mm
Laser type 635 nm < 1 mW
Laser class 2
Power 2 x 1.5 V AAA
(batteries included)
Software Prexiso App
Measuring functions
(on the PREXISO app)
Measure, plus, minus, clear
Support Manual to download/on the app